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Answered By: Iris Carroll
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That's a very good question. I would think the answer is no unless they have some links to books that are freely available on the Web. For example, MJC students can't even read Columbia College eBooks and we're sister schools! The reason has to do with the way we pay for our eBooks and the contracts we enter into with the databases from which we purchase the eBooks.

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  1. I suspect if the student (or anyone) went to Stan State and accessed their ebook via one of their computers it would work, much like a Columbia student could come to MJC and access our ebooks from on campus. Probably wise to call CSUS first to confirm, though.
    by Brian Greene on Mar 26, 2014.
  2. You are correct, Brian. I just called CSU Stanislaus to confirm it.
    by Iris Carroll on Mar 26, 2014.

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