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Answered By: Iris Carroll
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You are best picking something of interest to you. Chances are if YOU are interested in the topic, other college students will be, too. Also, avoid those huge topics with no chance of changing someone's mind in seven minutes. You know, the biggies like abortion and gun control. You need to choose a topic where you have a reasonable chance of talking someone into something. Below are a few ideas off the top of my own head, though I should note these represent MY interests. Come into the library and talk to another librarian if you need to brainstorm some more.

banning cigarettes on campus

stop drinking energy drinks like Rock Star

eating breakfast every day


exercise for 20 minutes every day

learn a foreign language

volunteer somewhere

take a particular class (like the library research class or an art class)

support local music scene

ride a bike for trips less than 3 miles

Also take a look at our Speech Research Basics: Pick a Topic research guide for more persuasive essay topics.

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