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Answered By: Iris Carroll
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Neither Pearson nor MJC instructors recommend accessing MyMathLab on an iPad or any other tablet. It's better to access it on a a computer, either a desktop or a laptop.

As always, for technical support questions you should consult Pearson's customer support at the link below.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have anymore questions.



Comments (21)

  1. Actually I just found a way to make the flash-based MyMathLab app work on my iPad! Yes there is a Pearson app but it only allows you to view your grades and announcements. But to actually do your homework you need a flash player, which the iPad does not seem to support. Just found a browser that you can download which will allow you view pages with flash! This one was called Puffin and here is link to a tutorial you will need to see what settings to click on the browser when opened! I just tried the free version and it does work for viewing homework problems!
    by In the same boat on Apr 29, 2013.
  2. Hey mathlabplus users I have an iPhone I downloaded puffin I am answering math problem questions! Want to know how email me if u look in right hand corner of puffin u see : it has a keyboard ! Let me know if u can't answer questions I will email u pics to help guide u! Just email me
    by Stephanie on Jan 15, 2014.
  3. I was looking for other ways to do mymathlab homework on my iPad. I read that puffin (free version) was an option and it works great! I'm able to answer the questions perfectly fine.
    by Michelle on Jan 26, 2014.
  4. How do I disable pop up blocker on my iPad, I have a browser but the pop up blocking is stopping me from doing the work
    by Dodie on Feb 06, 2014.
  5. How do you enter numbers ? So far puffin is great I can answer all multiple choice questions but having a little difficulty with putting in numbers. Any suggestions ?
    by Sassy on Feb 10, 2014.
  6. thanks guys puffin works great! just the fact that i dont have flashplayer doesnnt let me access it. any was around this?
    by piz on Feb 11, 2014.
  7. As of last week, Puffin is no longer working. MathLab rep told me it was an unsupported browser when I walked what happened. It had been working fine up until a few days ago.
    by Liz on Nov 10, 2014.
  8. Here is how to use mymathlab on your phone. Down load the free version (not pro) of puffin browser from the app store. Sign onto mymathlab from puffin and it will work!
    by Alex on Jan 04, 2016.
  9. I hope someone was able to help you! Really, other than your classmates and your teacher the publisher's help is what's available to help you with MyMathLab. Here's the link to their support < >
    by Iris on Sep 11, 2016.
  10. I downloaded Puffin. It works as far as pulling up the homeworks go, as that is unavailable in Safari. However, I am unable to input a response in the answer box as my keyboard doesn't pop.
    Has anyone had a similar problem and know how to solve it?
    by cwa on Feb 11, 2017.
  11. I downloaded Puffin. It works as far as pulling up the homeworks go, as that is unavailable in Safari. However, I am unable to input a response in the answer box as my keyboard doesn't pop.
    Has anyone had a similar problem and know how to solve it?
    by cwa on Feb 11, 2017.
  12. My keyboard doesn't come up in puffin to write in the answer. Can't seem to find a solution. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    by Andon on Mar 31, 2017.
  13. I found a better browser that supports Flash on the iPad, however, it costs $4.99 but looks like it's still supported to this day, based on the reviews from 2017. It's called Photon.
    by LOL on Jan 21, 2018.
  14. Puffin academy is free and it works
    by Ashly on Mar 17, 2018.
  15. I had trouble finding the keyboard on Puffin as well. At the top right hand corner should be 3 icon things on the same row as the web tabs. If you click on the third one that has the 3 lines (and maybe a red dot), you’ll be able to see the keyboard option. Although, from what I’ve realized you’ll have to constantly reclick the keyboard option to type. Unless someone has found a way to fix that. If you have, please let me know.
    by Reeka on Dec 06, 2018.
  16. Hello! i’m in college and i needed pearson on my ipad. nothing worked. but i downloaded microsoft edge then i allowed third party cookies in the settings. it was so easy. it finally worked after 2 hours. hope it works for y’all.
    by Sheila Ramirez on Jan 16, 2020.
  17. Followed the most recent comment's advice by downloading microsoft edge and enabling third party cookies in the settings. Totally works!!!
    by Gabriella Weinstein on Feb 18, 2020.
  18. How did you get that to work on your iPad?its not working for me
    by Kaity on Feb 18, 2020.
  19. I also have an iPad, but have been struggling. Can someone please tell me how to enable third-party cookies on the Edge app? I can’t seem to figure it out. My email is javaidhera@gmail
    by HJ on Feb 22, 2020.
  20. Hey guys. I am running on the iPad air 3. As of March 2020, you guys can run Pearson my math lab on Safari through the iPad. You just have to turn on "always request desktop site" from the Safari settings on the settings app. My workflow is entirely on the iPad. I use the multitasking split screen. On the left side I have notability open for scratch paper with the Apple pencil... And on the right I have my math lab open in Safari. Hope this helps.
    by Noah on Mar 26, 2020.
  21. Hello. I just bought an iPad Pro. I was encouraged by several comments on here stating that they where able to make it work. Pearson is telling me that safari is not supported, even when I choose desktop version, enable 3rd party cookies and allow pop ups. I can do almost everything on edge or chrome, the only thing I still can’t get to pull up is the text book. Video and show me an example all work just fine. The iPad shows that I have java as well. Please help me get the text book!
    by Krushford on May 28, 2020.

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