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Great question! The NoodleTools 24/7 Knowledgebase has a wonderful explanation that you can find at the link below.

Here it is right here:

Since each single-themed issue is researched and written by a single journalist rather than by individual authors reporting their scholarly research, we recommend that CQ Researcher be treated as a magazine.  

To cite an article originally written for CQ Researcher:

  1. Choose Magazine
  2. Select the Database tab

Example of a CQ Researcher's "Document Citation" which is identical to the APA citation when you click "Cite Now":

Document Citation
Weeks, J. (2012, June 22). U.S. oil dependence. CQ Researcher, 22, 549-572. Retrieved from

Document ID: cqresrre2012062200
Document URL:

Should I supply an accession number or URL?

Since this source is only available through this database, APA recommends that you provide an accession number (CQ Researcher calls it a "Document ID").  If there is none, APA recommends using the homepage URL of the database ( Other considerations:

  • CQ Researcher does provide a stable URL which your instructor may want you to use instead of a homepage URL.
  • For both MLA and Chicago styles, you can use the stable link.

Your correct NoodleTools citation looks like this:

Weeks, J. (2012, June 22). U.S. oil dependence. CQ Researcher, 22(23), 549-572. Retrieved from CQ Researcher Online database. (Accession No. cqresrre2012062200)

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