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Answered By: Iris Carroll
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First, let's make sure that you are trying to log in to NoodleBib through the MJC Library's website. If you try to get to NoodleBib just through the company's website, they won't know that you are one of our students and you will not be able to log in. It sounds like that might be what happened.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to NoodleTools for Researchers to log in
  2. Just like our other databases, when you access NoodleBib from off campus, you'll be asked first to enter your MJC ID (without the w) and six-digit birth date in order to identify you as an authorized MJC Library user
  3. Once you are authenticated as an MJC Library user, you’ll create your personal ID and password in NoodleBib to access your personal NoodleBib workspace
  4. You create your personal ID and password by simply filling out the New User Registration form in NoodleBib:

    • In the About You area, be sure to check the "I am a student or library patron" radio button and your expected year of graduation
    • Next, in the Choose a Personal ID area you’ll create a Personal ID and Password that you'll use to log in to your workspace every time you use NoodleBib (full version). You can use your MJC student ID number as your Personal ID in NoodleBib if that works best for you.
    • Be sure to complete the Easy Login Retrieval information so that NoodleBib can help you remember your password if you forget it in the future
    • And finally, click Register to create your Personal Folder

  5. Next time you go to NoodleBib you’ll enter your personal ID and password in the Already have a personal ID? area in NoodleBib.
Keep in mind, though, that any time you try to access one of our library databases from off campus, you'll need to be authenticated as an MJC student by entering your MJC ID (without the w) and six-digit birth date before you can get into the database.

Check out the NoodleTools for Researchers research guide linked below for more information on using NoodleBib.

If you still have problems getting in, call us at 575-6230 and we'll figure it out together.


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